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Can you buy us some time?
Without urgent funding Childline will have to close its night-time service for the first time in 15 years. A child who rings Childline at night does not do so without good reason.

We can’t let these calls go unanswered – your support will buy us time and keep Childline open 24 hours a day.

How you can help...

Corporate donation: Childline receives 1,800 calls a day and is 95% funded by public donation. The service is manned by highly trained staff and volunteers and we need to raise €1.2m to keep the lines open and answered at night.

Your donation will go directly towards funding the Childline service – ensuring the lines stay open for children in Ireland 24/7.

Let your staff buy time: Give your staff the chance to buy some time for Childline. If they donate €10 to the appeal allow them an hour and a half off on some day during the appeal to enjoy a lie in, an early clock off or a long lunch.

Take the Childline Fundraising Challenge: Staff fundraising activity can be a huge morale builder as well as being a great catalyst for raising funds. Take the Childline Challenge by spinning the wheel and doing the Fundraising event it suggests (we don’t mind if you cheat and spin it more than once).

Match fund: Exactly as it says on the tin, support your staff’s fundraising actions by matching the funds raised.

Promoting our Corporate Supporters
The appeal has already attracted support from a number of companies across the country and we want to let everyone know about it. .

Feature on the site: All companies that support the campaign will be listed on the campaign site with their logo. The best campaigns will be featured.

Good PR: Donate to the campaign and we will support your PR activity with press release quotes and photo support.




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